Brazil - Frutas Proibidas - Decaf

Brazil - Frutas Proibidas - Decaf

Decaf coffee has a reputation for being bland, bitter, and all around not enjoyable. This is due to the various ways of decaffeinating the beans. Some methods use various solvents to bind to the caffeine, then use high temperature steam to remove and left over solvents in the bean, taking most flavor away with it. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore..! This coffee was decaffeinated in Germany using a method that soaks the beans in liquid carbon that comes from naturally carbonated water found in Germany. The coffee beans are soaked until all of the caffeine is gone, while leaving most of the delicious flavour still in the beans.

Sweet, mellow, and rounded are all qualities of this bean. We chose a decaf coffee that can be enjoyed regardless if you drink caffeine or not.

Region: Minas Gerais
Variety: Several Different Arabica Varietals
Altitude: 960 - 1000 MASL
Process: C02 Decaffeination
Taste Notes: Citrus Fruit, Almond, Ferrero Rocher, Dried Fig

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